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08/01/2009 - Once upon a time there was an ISD and none else but a cretin to gloss its neverending adventures...

Ummm... let's see... from 04/08 to 08/01... that's about 4 months with no updates to this site, coming from the lazy and unbehaving nature of its nasty mantainer (plus a couple of true facts). Now it has become a matter of facts: trying to do some sort of "mega-flashback" with dozens of news entries going below this one trying for the thing to look as being legit and done in due time would be quite difficult. Doing it with the appropiate dates and personal comments on each and every entry just goes beyond all common sense. Therefore, ye wanderer and/or occasional reader, find below a little resume of what the hell has been going on among the ranks of "The Storm's Eye". And no, the dates are not EXACT by any means but there you have them anyways.

  • 05/28/2009 - Lt. Commander Dunta Polo, Tempest Flight II Leader, is officially announced by the WC as Wing X Pilot and Challenge Top Gun of the Month for May.
  • 06/01/2009 - Dunta Polo, that guy mentioned above, promoted to full Commander (CM) due to the breathtaking activity he has been displayed since he joined the mighty Chal!
  • 06/01/2009 - After "Raise the Flag 2009 (lite)" this proud ship the ISDII Challenge is mantains its deserved title of Flagship of The TIE Corps while Tempest Squadron becomes the new "TCCOM's Own" as a worthy heir of our decomissioned Cyclone! Lt. Colonel (CoRoneR even) Zósite K. Styles steals the RtF Top Gun title again.
  • 06/13/2009 - Zósite Kónstyte Styles, the Wicked CMDR of Tempest, made Colonel (full CoRoneR!) for some unspeakable reason which surely beats all logic and trusty laws on the known Galaxy.
  • 07/19/2009 - General Domi announces he'll be on a long-term LoA due to RL time pressures. Chances are we won't see him again at "full-speed" until late August or even September. COL Zós and Major MAJOR MAJOR Gio Palermo will collaborate in running the place the best way possible while the WC is out. Without killing anybody in the process, that's it. "Wing Commander's Own" competition delayed as necessary.
  • 07/25/2009 - Commander Dunta Polo, former Flight II Leader on Tempest, leaves the Chal to try his luck as Green CMDR on Wing XXI onboard the MC80b Redemption. Commander John T. Clark, former Tempest 2-3, assigned as the new Leader of "Heralds of Maelstrom".
  • 07/26/2009 - Wing X proudly recieves a new member among its ranks. Everybody provide your warm (and drunk) welcome to Sub-Lieutenant Chris Pape, who joins the lines of Tempest Squadron assigned as Tempest 2-3 after having completed his training on M/PLT Daedalus!
  • 07/27/2009 - Chris Pape from Tempest promoted to full Lieutenant (LT) only a day after his arrival due to his impressive performance as a student at the IWATS Academy!
  • 08/01/2009 - Commander Dunta Polo returned to Tempest Squadron, now assigned as Tempest 1-4, after having resigned from Green CMDR. We told you, Dunta! We told you but you wouldn't hear: the "fish bucket" Redemption tends to turn challengites into rotten shrimps!
  • 08/01/2009 - Glory for the Chal! For two of its pilots got tied as SP Ace of the Month for July: Lt. Commander Sergeyli and Commander Polo, both from Tempest, will be awarded an IS-GW each!

Just because you have to, it doesn't mean you NEED to.

04/08/2009 - Commander Vitaru goes to the Phoenix!

With great sorrow we see Commander Vitaru, Flight III Leader on Tempest Squadron, taking last shuttle departing today towards the M/FRG Phoenix, for he has requested his retirement into the TIE Corps Reserves due to heavy RL issues and other nasties. You've been an splendid officer, one of the best we've ever seen, let alone a good friend and Wing X asset. Now we can only wish you the best of the lucks and the worst of the binges so you can drink at ISD 'Chal''s health for the old times, and if you ever feel in the mood of returning, you know where we float! :-D

Not necessary to say Lt. CoRoneR Zósite is accepting applications for Tempest Flight III Leader as of NOW!

04/07/2009 - Tempest Squadron claims victory over Praetorian Elite Squadron and LCM Dunta Polo goes NUTS!

Today is a great day, not only for our Riders on the Storm but for the ISDII Challenge as a whole! Today Tempest Squadron rises with the laurels of victory against Praetorian Elite Squadron on "Fire Demons vs. Storm Riders!", the flying challenge they have been running for more than 2 weeks now. That's it! Outstanding work there, pilots! And despite it was not an epic victory by any means due to Praetorian extremely low participation it *WAS* a victory so we can actually feel proud of our little sociopaths there. It must be noted, that regardless of how much skillz0000rx00rs they might have displayed what they definitely have displayed is the ultimate commitment and dedication to their Squadron and their ship. This is an accomplishment that shall not be forgotten easily! :____D

Oh, and as if this fact would have unchained some sort of cosmic doom upon everybody else, seems that Lt. Commander Dunta Polo, Flight II Leader on Tempest, went all the way down to NUTness on his own as of late and managed to grab for himself each and every available title in the $%$·#~¬# Universe. This includes March '09 "Tempest Pilot of the Month", "Tempest Student of the Month", "Wing X Pilot of the Month", "Challenge Top Gun of the Month" and "SP TIE Corps Ace of the Month"... and he didn't make Fleet Commander but surely he was almost there... 0__o

04/02/2009 - New Pilot Manual for The TIE Corps!

At last! At last the restructured Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps has a new Pilot Manual! You can find it at the TIE Corps database if you follow the link called "TIE Corps Pilot Manual". Hard to guess I know, but your superiors are not there to play the imaginative role, but more to prevent you from thinking. Anyways, all TIE Corps officers are supposed to know from all rules and procedures contained there as if they would have be bornt with a copy pinned to their heads. Download it, read it, test it, and if you ever read anything better... blame VA Viper Pred, TIE Corps SOO, who was the main author! ;-P

03/20/2009 - February '09 MWE medals awarded and Wing Commander Domi promoted to General!

Merit medals from last February MWE have been finally approved by the SOO and awarded to those who deserved them. That's the reason why we're still wondering how on earth so many of them arrived here... ;-) Congrats to all those Wing X drunks who recieved an award this time, with a special mention for LCM Dunta Polo, FL on Tempest, who not even 6 months after he joined the Fleet on our darkest hours has been awarded The Bronze Star of The Empire! While that thingie is not the very best a pilot can get, it's rarely awarded to a simple FL so we cannot do anything but to feel proud of him and try to steal it in days ahead to fix it.

And behold! Our esteemed Wing X Wing Commander Domi was promoted to the coveted rank of General (GN)!! Such a deserved award for who is maybe the best flag on the whole Fleet (don't look now but he's exactly the same kind of sick drunk that we are but with 4 stripes on his sleeves) came an made him a General again, a rank he has not used since 1998 or so when the TIE Corps were restructured for all pilots to start as Sub-Lieutenants and not Generals (the TC-Paleozoic I tell you!). This time, Sir, the 4 red squares come way deserved and even overdue! ^_^

03/17/2009 - Lt. Commander Godo Nurok is back into Tempest!

Well, actually he has been back since 03/11 but some lazy arse forgot to announce it here in due time (*ejem*). The thing is that LCM Nurok, who was Cyclone Flight Leader back in 2007 decided to come back from the shadows and join Tempest Squadron, assigned as Tempest 1-3. Yes, your eyes don't cheat you there, pilots, he actually came back to REPEAT under command of madman Zós, who was also his CMDR on Cyclone... Definitely there's people who are into suffering just for fun or Palpatine knows why, but anyways: we salute you again, LCM Godo, for we're sure you'll did your best for your old ship once again. :-D

03/16/2009 - Wing X Pilot of the Month - February 2009!

For his outstanding levels of activity and commitment towards this fine ship, let alone his proven skills to fly drunk and obliterate any opposition (actually it was EVERYTHING out there but himself, even the LA models™!) as a worthy Wing X member, let it be known that Lt. Commander Dunta Polo, Flight II Leader of Tempest Squadron has been chosen as February 2009 "Wing X Pilot of the Month", thus being awarded the mandatory Iron Star with Silver Wings. On the other hand, we have little hope on all this to stop him for him to leave us alone...

03/15/2009 - Fire Demons vs. Storm Riders!

Today one of our two mighty Squadrons, Tempest, has been challenged on flying competition by Praetorian Elite Squadron from DGN Lichtor V! Such an epic event deserves all our attention because on days ahead we'll be hoping to see some of our best pilots struggling to rise with the laurels of victory against those who claim to be the best from the best within the TIE Corps. Therefore, we have just inagurated a VERY cheap store well supplied with all sorts of rotten vegetables at engineering section; find there all that is to be found in order to undermine the enemy's morale (please disregard all attempts of tossing 'em through the airlock aiming from any TIE Praetor on sight unless you're ready to be tossed right after them; you have the Lichtor's hangar bay for that). ^_^ Riders on the Storm, we wish you the best in behalf of the whole ISDII Challenge. Don't fail us!

03/06/2009 - We made Sergeyli a LCM. Please forgive us!

True story. After having wasted a few days trying to find alternative solutions like demotion, execution, reassignment into the MC-80b Redemption and other nasties, we couldn't find a better way to reward all activity and dedication he has been demonstrating for this Ship/Wing over months. Discovering that his time-on-rank as Lieutenant was already completed, by far, was the absolut plot killer there and we couldn't help it anymore. All of ye know that Sergeyli, Tempest 3-2, has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander (LCM) within the TIE Corps due to the notable activity levels he has been displaying for months after "Kaplooey Day", first on Omicron Squadron and nowadays among the ranks of Tempest Squadron. Excellent work, you and your v0dka... excellent work!


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