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A Rebel Mon Calamari Cruiser hangs against the deep, dark black of space, its misshapen hull bristling with turbolaser turrets as X-Wings and A-Wings patrol her perimeter. They are the pride of the Rebel fleet, the bulwark against Imperial forces..

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...And they never even knew what hit them... but it did hurt... for a brief moment

We are the ISDII Challenge, the finest Imperial Star Destroyer in the TIE Corps!. Once charged with the defense of Aurora Prime, the home-world of The Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, and now as Flagship of The TIE Corps Battlegroups, the Challenge is the head line of strike against marauding rebels, traitorous warlords and all sorts of sick space fauna out there. With that in mind, the 'Chal' is constantly running operations in the name of returning The Empire to its rightful place in the Galaxy!

- The TIE Corps Flagship for 4 years!
- The TIE Corps Battlegroups Flagship back in the day!
- Five-peat TCCOM's Own Starship

Are you ready to be a member of the finest heavy assault squadron in the Emperor's Hammer? Ready to perform? Ready to unchain the über-l33tness treasured inside you? Ready to be just among the bests from the bests? Ready to drink as if there's no tomorrow to the Fleet's health? For the glory of The Empire! If you think you are ready to accept the challenge, then e-mail General Domi and get ready, because a challenge this big is not for everybody! He'll guide you the best way possible for you to end as one of our skillful pilots.

Do you miss the old Star Wars Space Flight Simulators, like TIE Fighter or X-Wing?

Do you still enjoy the best Star Wars games ever?

Do you want to play X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and Freeworlds spreading pure chaos?

Come serve The Emperor's Hammer TIE Fighter Corps aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Challenge!! Join first The Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet passing the EH Core Exam you'll find HERE (answering "TIE Corps" at the final question), then join the TIE Corps Group using THIS form, and finally complete your entry requirements before asking to be assigned in one of the Challenge's Squadrons: Tornado or Tempest (one of these days we'll reopen the other 4 we tell you!). Feel free to e-mail the TIE Corps Commander (TCCOM) himself, Vice Admiral Viper Pred, as well as Wing X Commander using his link at the left if you need any assistance. We will be glad to help!

The Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps offers about 4,000 new custom designed missions for TIE Fighter, X-Wing, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Balance of Power, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, Empire at War, Jedi Academy and X-Wing Alliance in its Mission Compendium. And the EH holds several Multiplayer competitions as well, not to mention you'll be allowed to play in behalf of the our whole Fleet in many inter-club events like the BSC Week of War counting with out full support. If you lose? No worries, vengeance is a dish best eaten cold. If you win? You'll get the honour, the awards, all the respect and admiration this club with more than 11 years on its back can give you.

And several other things that will make your TIE Corps career worth your efforts. If you are a Single Player, or a Multiplayer, join the TIE Corps and the ISD Challenge!! Make yourself a name as an Imperial pilot and dedicated officer and live the day-to-day of an Imperial Star Destroyer "role-playing" through our Wing X mailing list (you'll be added as soon as you complete your training), Messsage Board and IRC channel (Undernet #isd_challenge or #tiecorps). Come and help us on making the pitiful New Republic to meet its demise and returning The New Order to the Coruscant home, where it's fated to rule... FOREVER!

The 'Chal' came for ya, punk!
And yes, we *KNOW* an ISD cannot enter a planet's atmosphere; it's only that the 'Chal' crew do what we want when we want and 'cos WE SAY SO, ok? ;-)

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