ISD Challenge top banner
ISD Challenge top banner
ISDII Challenge Drunk Museum
ISDII Challenge Drunk Museum

And here you have come, at ISDII Challenge Drunk Museum, to contemplate, admire and worship the art enclosed within Wing X pilots' minds. We all knew there had to be something there after all, didn't we? ;-)

Here's where each and every piece of art involving the whole Ship/Wing (either fictions, graphics, patches, recipes, treasure maps, WHATEVER!) your injured minds, our comrades from ISD Challenge, can produce will be glued for the sakes of historic reference. And also to gather proofs in case those guys dressed in white from the Fleet Medical Corps come around fencing their classic straitjackets while looking for your flags. Then it will be a matter of telling them: "Hey! We told you! We told you but you wouldn't hear!! All this stuff has been here quite a long time and nobody ever tried to prevent you from looking around. Now get those straitjackets and use them to $%$¬~@#@‘¯ˆ²¤|¨° so you can ÔÛ{¬@"$&% and attach them up your #&$%/>|¢¨§!!!"


"Gloomy RtF" (2008) by Vitaru   GET IT!
"Challenger" (2008) by Tyrian    GET IT!




Wing X Banner by Lazuli
New Wing X splendid banner by Lazuli, LCM Tyrian's girlfriend. Click on it and faint contemplating its original 1350 x 450 resolution!


RtF 08 banner by Azurin
Banner for "Raise the Flag 2008" TIE Corps-wide competition by Azurin Luna, winner of Graphics Bonus subcomp. At last some original hand-drawn art! :___D Click on it and choke under its crazy 2048 x 1526 resolution!


RtF 08 banner by Zos
Banner for "Raise the Flag 2008" TIE Corps-wide competition by Zósite Kónstyte Styles, runner-up of Graphics Bonus subcomp. He tried to cheat us with this one thinking nobody would remember the one he made for RtF 2007 which comes a couple of pics below, but we got him in time! Click to be sweeped by its unhealthy 960 x 768 full resolution.


ISD Challenge banner by Zos
New ISD Challenge banner by Zósite Kónstyte Styles. And YES, he KNOWS this one already appears on "Meet the ISD Challenge" section, but click here and you'll have it in full resolution: 1024 x 768. More importantly, do you think he really mind?


RtF 07 banner by Zos
Banner for "Raise the Flag 2007" TIE Corps-wide competition by Zósite Kónstyte Styles, winner of Graphics Bonus subcomp. Please note the lame abuse of 'The Gimp' transparencies and feel free to click on it to suffer its 1280 x 838 resolution in full.


Old ISD Challenge banner
Old ISD Challenge banner following the ship's Nickname: "The Eye of the Storm". References to its original author were lost, but my money is in this one was from Kate C. Flyer. And if anybody here kinda feels like arguing about it and clear the doubt may him/her feel free to do so and write us.


ISD Challenge top banner
Another ISD Challenge top banner for either the website or maybe some ship reports. Then again its author remains unknown but its style smells like Kate again.


Old Wing X banner
Old Wing X banner. Its author remains unknown and unknown he/she/it will remain unless someone comes up with the answer.


VERY old Wing X banner
*VERY* old Wing X banner from back 2001. Its author happens to be unknown. Surprise! :-P


Old Cyclone patch    Old Inferno patch    Old Tornado patch    Old Tempest patch  Old Typhoon patch
Old Cyclone, Inferno, Tornado, Tempest and Typhoon Squadron patches to be used on uniforms and other sources of pure vanity. We could easily say: "Old CMDRs did them, what else!" but... guess what. Exactly! Their authors remain UNKNOWN.



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