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Meet the ISDII Challenge!
Meet the ISDII Challenge!

Wing X EmblemThe ISD-II Challenge of the TIE Corps Battlegroups, is one of the great ships of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, with a legacy authored by legends. Opened February 7th, 1996, the Challenge was a member of the old Battlegroup II with its sister ship, the ISD Relentless. Split apart as part of a fleet realignment, the Challenge eventually settled in the TCBG and became one of its great leaders. And it has been the TIE Corps Flagship on 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009 and 2009-2010!

The Challenge has long been manned by some of the more unique personalities in the fleet, maing it home to probably the most prodigious supply of liquor in the fleet. Indeed, the home-brewed "Chalquilla" is said to be some of the most feared alcohol in the fleet, used to power both the Challenge's pilots and their ships, as well as their enemies' fear.

The Challenge is under command of a ship Commodore (COM) who doesn't exist outside the paper and his entrusted Wing X Commander (WC), General Domi, who oversees all tactical and strategic operations of ISD Challenge's starfighter Wing, the Wing X. Under the Wing Commander come the 2 (they used to be 6 or 7 but we just assassinated the others and closed their Squadrons; we're sooo wicked :-P) Wing X Squadron Commanders (CMDR) managing their own Squadrons closely enough for them to perform as perfect and deadly military units, featuring the greatest commitment and dedication, as well as some kind of insane lust for Rebel/New Republic blood. Each Squadron in full would be formed by the CMDR himself, his 2 Flight Leaders managing their respective Flights II and III (CMDR always manages Flight I himself) and other 9 Flight Members. And it must be said, that opposed to The Galactic Empire's old policies on Imperial pilots being just "a number" with no personality at all and ready to waste their lives in some massive onslaught, Emperor's Hammer pilots have indeed something to tell; that has been always the will of the Fleet Commander himself and his Command Staff enforcing QUALITY over QUANTITY. We'll never ever let a single pilot to spend his life stupidly, not us! We'll train him and make him some crazy and lethal flying machine spitting laser shots as if there's no tomorrow and perfectly capable of taking care of 2 or 3 Calamari Cruisers plus their full complement of starfighters on his own... and then it's when the REAL training can begin.


Thunder PatchIf there was one word to describe Thunder Squadron it would probably be "Beefy", as in longtime CMDR Colonel Beef. Beef moved on and left the keys to popular CMDR Colonel Azurin Luna, but Thunder's influence continues to extend throughout the Fleet. Fleet Admiral Stuart, former Training Officer was one prominent Thunder Squadron alumnus, having built much of his career there before moving onto first Challenge Commodore, then Training Officer in the Command Staff. Thunder Squadron with its legacy of spam on the message boards and its funky mascot, the 'Thunder from Down Under' boxing kangaroo ('Thunderinians' call it Jaeger, the rest of us call it jumping nightmare, does it matter?) is a vital part of Challenge life. Eventually COL Luna had to step down her command giving space for COL Angel, a long experienced Squadron Commander, Wing Commander and Commodore from the late ISD Colossus to step up and take command of this great Squadron. But... people come and go, and Angel ended being the last real Commodore of this very ship you have been reading about for more time than it's healthy to withstand. After some months with Captain Crsepe in command, Colonel Ric Hunter (formerly Ric Taldrya), all a former Praetorian elite CMDR, took Thunder command and it became of critical importance for the 'Chal' as one of its remaining 4 active Squadrons. With help from the likes of Commander Rue Sokky and Lieutenant Damien Katana, COL Luna and her splendid fictions and graphics, let alone that crazy Lieutenant Tyrian whose relationship with the infamous """super-hero""" Lieutyriant needs still to be proven, Thunder came to be one of the greatest Challenge cards enforcing ship's superiority at Fleet level. Sadly, nothing could have saved it from the ominous Jan 2009 TIE Corps Restructure, for it was an active Squadron and not a closed one and, in order for his decissions to not be looked down as biased, Colonel Domi decided to reopen 2 of our long-closed Squadrons and transfer all remaining active pilots into them to accomplish with the new 2-Squadrons Wings TIE Corps rule enforced by the Admiralty. <DECOMISSIONED>


Typhoon Patch

Typhoon Squadron, like Tornado, Tempest and Thunder has previously enjoyed periods of renaissance under a legendary Squadron Commander. But even after Colonel Callista retired, Typhoon remained a firm presence on the Challenge, occasionally average 400 missions flown a week with pilots like then-Lt. Flyer, Lt. Commander Marlin and Commander TK-9780 (yes... there're some excellent officers there who just decide to hide their true names; maybe they just executed so many people before that they aren't in the mood of gathering hate around their beloved Squadrons...). Typhoon was so successful, in fact, that it was split in two in mid-2005, with the extremely successful Cyclone Squadron being the result. Captain Prost Varsis and Commander Rondo did excellent in maintaining Typhoon since the split, bringing their own special brand of insanity (or doom) to a Squadron that could drink the entire SSSD Sovereign under the table. Prost eventually moved to Inferno, and Rondo went back to being a Flight Member after completing his ToD as CMDR, and Typhoon went under command of Commander Saul Rostek, who kept the Squadron in its highest standards while amusing the entire Wing with his unparalleled levels of knowledge on each and every holo-movie the Galaxy has ever seen. But CM Rostek also stepped down due to RL pressure, leaving the throne to Lt. Colonel Elwood the Brave (Woody for friends) who managed 'da house' for many month, so great even that he was promoted to LC after quite a long time as Major. With help from Colonel Master, former Tactical Officer and a/CMDR (acting-Squadron Commander) whenever 'Phooners needed from him, Majors Scuslem and Palermo, the first an experienced MP pilot and the last one being all a former Omega elite pilot, Woody made Typhoon a force to be reckoned with and didn't seem as if we were able to stop it. Then that bitch called RL considered appropiate to take its toll on Woody and he had to step down again and even ask for his retirement and we're still waiting his return. Then, after a brief period with MAJ Giovanni Palermo in command doing the best he could, it has to be closed following the same major TC Restructure I mentioned above and Gio moved to command the reopened Tornado. <DECOMISSIONED>


Cyclone PatchCyclone Squadron spent the better part of two years closed, barely an afterthought on the Challenge as it struggled through a personnel crisis and worked to point itself in a new direction. That changed in June 2005 with the Cyclone/Typhoon split, as the "Demolition Crew" was brought back into service under Kate C. Flyer. Cyclone Squadron quickly established itself by narrowly claiming the Wing X Championship over Inferno Squadron and defeating Tempest in a head-to-head competition. With experienced pilots like Colonel Mike Szydlowski and Alex Shrike coming aboard, Cyclone would help the Challenge brutalize the TCBG in ECR VII, then ride to victory twice over the elite Omega Squadron in the Sovereign Squadron League and in head-to-head competition. Cyclone cemented its status as one of the best of the Fleet with three successive "TCCOM's Own" awards before Kate moved on to take command of the ISD Challenge itself. Then Cyclone fell under the supervision of LC Kadon Beir, who managed the Squadron with the distinguished style of a true military man (RL-wise) with the occassional glimpse of pure insanity and lust for mayhem which made him to blow up the Wing X Cantina more than once while singing old radio hits. But... everybody has his own little corner on Hell and poor Beir found it on Zósite Kónstyte Styles who was assigned to 'Clone on Nov 2006. People say he's actually one of the greatest pilots ever but the only fact that can be proven is that the guy is absolutely, completely NUTS beyond all hopes. Enough to say that soon after CMDR Beir found himself blowing up not only the Wing Cantina but also 2 or 3 full decks while he was at it, and on a daily basis! Eventually Lt. Colonel Beir moved to the ISD Subjugator and left the deranged Zós in command. Since then Cyclone has grown to be one of the most active Squadrons in the Fleet, and a perfect match for any elite Squadron, and has been the "TCCOM's Own" since January 2006 always displaying its amazing and unmatched (to date) performance. Major Zósite was "out-of-order" for about six months though due to heavy RL pressure and left CMDR to his best Flight Leader, Captain Vertigo. Under Vertigo's command the Squadron managed to keep his distinguished title and even went through an incredible boost in membership thanks to Vertigo's recruitment efforts, with new excellent officers like Lt. Commanders Ark-illos and Vitaru, eventually Flight II and III Leaders. And finally, to end this merciless extended "briefing" (because you know, Zós is broadcasting... >:)), a few months ago Major Zósite returned as Flight Leader but was appointed again to his old and beloved CMDR spot following the retirement of the splendid Captain Vertigo. And it's said that having Zós The NUTS twice as CMDR is just more than this poor Fleet can endure for the sakes of overall sanity. BUT! To add insult to the injury Cyclone was also closed on that spooky TIE Corps BIG-FAT restructure, the "TCCOM's Own" Squadron was closed!, and madman Zós was appointed CMDR of the reopened Tempest. <DECOMISSIONED>


Tornado PatchThe great Flight Officer Kyle Kessler will always be associated with Tornado Squadron, an outfit that has ranked with the likes of Tau as one of the greatest in Emperor's Hammer history. With the help of two Lieutenants and one of its former Squadron Commanders, Jeffery Domm has helped Tornado to reload and looks to be a Squadron on the rise aboard the Challenge. After LC Jeffery Domm and CM Wolf Blacker being on command for a while, the Squadron is now under the supervision of experienced COL Domi, who is proving every to be one of the best Commanding Officers on the Fleet.

It's not necessary to say all the above was written some time ago, back in 2007 when Daniel Bonini, former ISD Challenge COM, updated this very site trying to bestow the rising Tornado and its amazing CMDR the merits they deserved... Alas! The great Tornado Squadron along with Inferno was closed after a Fleet restructure on Summer 2008 due to an alarming lack of activity. Colonel Domi wasn't there to prevent it 'cos he was already our Wing X Commander, and the "DeathWind" just didn't have enough active effectives to remain comissioned. The few remaining officers there were transferred to other Wing X Squadrons and the history of Tornado came to "stand-by" status... until January 2009 when it was reopened following, guess what... Exactly! The Super TIE Corps Restructure. All remaining active pilots from Thunder and Typhoon Squadrons were transferred into Tornado and Major Giovanni Palermo came from 'Phoon to take command and lead this once glorious Squadron through the path of victory again. With the likes of Colonels Master and Azurin Luna, the extremely active LCM Tyrian, former CMDRs CM Saul Rostek and CPT Crsepe, MAJ Scuslem the experienced multiplayer l33+ and LT Katana it's not as if he would have a great deal doing so. A walk in the park comes to mind. ;-)


Inferno Patch

Inferno Squadron has always been one of the strongest squadrons on the Challenge, an outfit that routinely victimized Typhoon Squadron for the "Squadron of the Month" award and pushed Cyclone to brink for the Wing X Championship in July 2005. Inferno has had great pilots in command, like LC Dirty Vader, and the latest MAJ Prost Varsis, who led Inferno for several months, but had to step down, leaving Inferno in the capable hands of COL Flint Darkstar, who comes to make Inferno rise once again, with the help of LCM Oskar Holtz, who keeps the old Inferno attitude alive in Wing X.

Then again, all the above was written by Admiral Bonini when he was still ISD Challenge Commodore and Inferno was a rising star with a proudful history. Nowadays it keeps its proudful history but it's not a rising star anymore. After the stepping down of Colonel Darkstar the CMDR spot was given to Anahorn Dempsey, former Flight Leader of Cyclone Squadron. On her ToD as CMDR she performed as one of the best CMDRs the 'Chal' has ever seen, being an exemplary pilot and also webmaster (she designed all a new Inferno website and Squadron patch from scratch!). She did all that can be done to drive Inferno to its former levels of activity... but only a miracle could have saved "The Flying Arsonists". Without help from the likes of Dirty Vader (DV for friends and all his enemies were levelled to nothing in some MP match long time ago) and the splendid fictions and mailing list activity of LCM Holtz, Inferno fell into the deepest pits of inactivity with only its CMDR performing far better than expected. Eventually, Anahorn Dempsey became Fleet Admiral Dempsey, the Tactical Officer of The Emperor's Hammer, and Inferno had to be closed along with Tornado on Summer 2008. So if you ever feel like helping one of the greatest Squadrons this Fleet has ever seen you know what to do because unlike Tornado, Inferno remained closed after the TC Restructure and Palpatine knows for how long it will remain that way. <DECOMISSIONED>


Omicron Patch

Omicron Squadron, formerly a Squadron of Wing VIII aboard ISD Colossus, came aboard the ISD Challenge after the 2006 TIE Corps Restructure, following Tempest Squadron's disband. Under the command of MAJ Murleen and with the strength of pilots like MAJ Diaboli, an extremely loyal Wing X officer with unparalleled skills on writing fictions, CPT Morpheus and CM John T. Clark, Omicron fitted in nicely, especially in Challenge's roster... as well as in its Cantina. Omicron proved to be a force to be respected anywhere in the Fleet, and to helped ISD Challenge continue its victorious path. As proof of it Murleen was promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel some time ago and with the help of classics like CM Clark or CPT Morpheus, LT Sergeyli who has claimed the title of "SP Ace of the Month" a few times and the new Lieutenant Dunta Polo who came into the Fleet just before the TIE Corps database went to hell on September 2008, he did his best driving Omicron to be one of the 'Chal's cards on overall superiority. And hell! The good old CMDR Murleen kept doing just that for longer than I can remember. It must be the über-powah of our Chalquilla... or maybe that top-quality rum he and Lt. Colonel Beir brought from the Colossus... either way it definitely came handy to improve their performance as well as that of their minions while also taking its toll on both CMDRs' minds. But alas! This fine Squadron was also closed after the killing TIE Corps Restructure and all its pilots transferred to the reopened Tempest. Some rumours were spreaded about the Squadron itself to be taken back to ISD Colossus on reopening, but since not Omicron nor the "Collie" have been reopened to date we prefer to treasure its history and website among those of classic Chal's Squadrons. <DECOMISSIONED>


Tempest PatchTraditional home of Challenge and EH legends like Locke Setzer, Master, Oldham, Indaro Gallia, Daniel Bonini, Prost Varsis, Impulse, Gward, Rover and Sephiroth, Tempest Squadron can claim numerous credits throughout its history. Seemingly always in a competition, Tempest's calling card was its extreme participation under Locke. Then Chris and Master came to keep such participation at the highest peaks with their excellent ToDs as CMDRs. After Master moved on, Tempest remained a top squadron under the leadership of Daniel Bonini, with the capable assistance of XO Commander Impulse.

Even before that? Well, we have recieved response from no other than Vice Admiral Oldham himself with quite useful information on how was the true pre-Locke/Dan history of Tempest Squadron. But who am I to speak about such deeds after all? Please find here the wise verb of "Oldsta" himself:

"But onto Tempest... I think the Squad glory started with me, I don't remember them ever winning anything before, but I could be wrong. I however couldn't take credit for it all, as I had the best Flight Leaders I could ask for with Indaro and another guy I forgot the name of immediately! We recruited, trained and within 4 months became that powerful, we took on Typhoon in a BGCOM competition and won! 6 months later we were taking on Elite Squads and were taking the fight to all squadrons to challenge us! To be honest the exact details of each competition won, medals and honours are very hazy, we're talking about events nearly 10 years ago now."
- Vice Admiral Neil Oldham, former Tempest CMDR -

Tempest has frequently been on the cusp of greatness, very nearly claiming a "TCBGCOMs Own" and "TCCOMs Own" award over Cyclone following ECR VII. Sadly, Tempest Squadron had to be shut down, because it was leaderless, after Daniel's promotion to Wing Commander, in a time it could not be leaderless: the 2006 Tie Corps Restructure. Nevertheless, Tempest Squadron's strength kept inside its pilots, and Daniel Bonini who moved from WC to ISD Challenge Commodore, from there to be no less than the TIE Corps Commander (TCCOM - EH Group Commander of the whole TIE Corps) and from there to be the Executive Officer (XO) of The Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, only second in command to The Fleet Commander himself, never gave up the idea of making Wing X a seven Squadrons Wing, with the reopening of Tempest.

But time passes by and old nightmares come back to render some lifes miserable from time to time and therefore, following another of those accursed "restructures" on January 2009 with the primary purpose of making all Wings 2-Squadron Wings for the sakes of overall TIE Corps activity improvement, the proud quarters of "The Riders on the Storm" were reopened. The best pilots from the now decommissioned Cyclone and Omicron Squadrons were reassigned into the new Tempest and some crazy upper made from that madman Zósite Kónstyte Styles, former Cyclone CMDR, the new "Wicked CMDR of Tempest".

And well... Dan Bonini who left the XO job after realizing that there was no honour nor pride anymore on sorting paperwork and arguing with EH Command Staffers forever, returned where he always belonged as the true pilot he always has been. Now it's a matter of making the rest of old Tempest glories to come back as well. For the time being: Tempest Squadron has been the most active Squadron of the TIE Corps since the last Fleet Restructure, always ready to collaborate in restoring its former status. As the best proof of it, Tempest was challenged by Praetorian Elite Squadron on April 2009 and claimed victory. Nowadays it would be hard to argue with the fact that Tempest is true elite-material if NOT officially elite.

And in case that you need even more proofs, consider this: Tempest Squadron has been recently named "TCCOM's Own" after "Raise the Flag 2009 (lite)" Fleet-wide competition. Finally, they leave the mighty Cyclone behind and claim the title they couldn't get back in the day, the title that officially recognizes Tempest as the best Squadron in the Fleet!!!

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