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03/01/2009 - Farewell, Ric!

Sad to say but Colonel Ric Hunter, Tornado 2-2, has been transferred to the M/FRG Phoenix thus becoming part of the TIE Corps Reserves until he decides to come back again. And all this because he wants to be able to display the maximum commitment for The Emperor's Hammer Dark Brotherhood... so we take you prefer the guys in robes than those wearing duty pants? Ewwww... 0__o ... Nahh, just kidding, we wish you the besr there, Colonel, and will wait to see you back again. Just don't forget your duty scarf; I've heard temperatures on Eos are everything but friendly!

02/28/2009 - No fancy words for Tornado!

After a few lame attempts and no real good stuff, Major Giovanni Palermo, CMDR of Tornado Squadron, has decided to close his comp. for Tornado to have new nicknames and mottos. As a matter of fact, and CMDR's executive decission due to low participation and/or interest Tornado Squadron shall remain nicknameless for the time being until a new edition of this competition comes out. Therefore, and according to MAJ Palermo wishes, we've obliterated all nicks and mottos for Tornado on our Combat Roster. Hope this unbehaving situation for such a great Squadron gets fixed soon.

02/27/2009 - "A Banner Tale" competition over. New Wing X banner!

Today "A Banner Tale", the Wing-level competition open for all drunkmans onboard has been officially closed... with no participants. True story: not a single entry from any 'Chal' officer! Shameful... Anyways, this time salvation came in the form of someone much more commited and professional than any you, slackers, not assigned on the ship nor even on the Fleet! Our most sincere thanks go to Lazuli, girlfriend of Lt. Commander Tyrian, Flight Leader on Tornado Squadron. It is her outstanding artwork on display at the TC Roster page when you click on Wing X (look HERE). We have no words, Lazuli; our Wing Commander just loves you (WC-style! don't panic, Tyrian ;-P) and the rest of us now have a Wing banner to be recognized for thanks to you! Ready to apply and help us saving the Galaxy as a comissioned member of "The Dark Whisper"?

02/15/2009 - A new Flight Leader for The Riders on the Storm!

Hey!! Seems madman Zós, The Wicked CMDR of Tempest, found today his second Flight Leader (poor soul). Anyways, our most sincere congrats for Lt. Commander Dunta Polo, now FL of Tempest Flight II, "Heralds of Maelstrom"!! Now we can say this mighty ship has all its FL spots filled.

02/13/2009 - Errr... Did anyone get the number of that donkey cart?!

Well, ummm... the thing is that ISD Challenge website mantainer (underperforming moron!) got lazy all of a sudden and this place hasn't been updated in a while (again), let's say... 3 months? :-P But behold! Because many things have happened during that time and some BIG-FAT news entry is in order now.

Better to start with an obvious fact, yeah... All ye know that on last December the ISDII Challenge rised with victory in "Raise the Flag" yet again and so we kept the title of TIE Corps Flagship for another year. Did anyone ever doubt it? >.-D On top of that, Cyclone Squadron crowned the Squadrons podium (yes, again) and kept its title of 'TCCOM's Own' as well. The following drunk fest at Wing X Cantina was so damned sick that you won't happen to find any records, at least not from any EH IO-approved website. But hey, that's how it was supposed to be!

After such an ominous event it seems the rest of the Fleet fell in such a terrible state of dismay that the TIE Corps Commander, Fleet Admiral Jarek La'an, had no choice but to close the full TIE Corps Group for Xmas (they say it was because a new database needed to be done and a major restructure at Fleet-level needed to be carefully planned but I know how to recognize a good excuse when I hear it). So it was ordered, so it was done, and this proudful ship hypered all the way to North Pole (Earth - Milky Way) in order to punish the bearded fatty dude living there with turbolaser hax for having presented us such a nasty Xmas gift. >.__D

And in such slooooooow and unbehaving circumstances we arrive at the last days of January 2009 and the TIE Corps has been officially reopened. Now we can count on the new database coded and mantained (currently also merciless smashed the bad way on bug-hunting) by Fleet Admiral Anahorn Dempsey, Tactical Officer of The Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet (may she be blessed forever for her unparalleled deeds), to keep track of our unhealthy activity as necessary. Not only a worth heir of our old trusty database stolen by Fleet Commander (former) and filthy-badass (always) Grand Admiral Astatine, but with potential to be much better given its much more advanced code, it has been filled with all data we have been able to gather from the old one (about 80% of everything we once had) and it's now perfectly functional to help the TC Admiralty managing Fleet day-to-day operations.

The long-announced TIE Corps Restructure (*spooky drumroll*) was not just another legend. No, Sir. One day we hit the sack with the Fleet as we were used to see it and the very next day we woke up to contemplate a Fleet of 2 Squadrons-only Wings which lost a ridiculously BIG² Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer and won another ISDII, the 'Warrior' to accomodate old Wing VI. To add insult to the injury the position of ship Commodore (COM) was obliterated from our Rosters and is not allowed to be held by TC members anymore, being now something like a NPC-position which is still there but only for fiction-related purposes. And yes, Rear Admiral Angel needed to find himself another job; the COM-whip is no more and we're going to miss the guy here. :_P

Now, you have just read about the 2-Squadrons Wings thingie, right? Well, careful and metodic calculations tell us that we had an excess of Squadrons here and therefore... Cyclone, Typhoon, Thunder and Omicron, the 4 still comissioned ones, were closed (DOH!) and all remaining active pilots were transferred to the reopened Tornado and Tempest Squadrons. Major Giovanni Palermo was given CMDRship of Tornado while madman Zósite Kónstyte Styles, now known as 'The Lieutenant CoRoneR', was given CMDRship of Tempest against all common sense. Dooming over them is still Colonel Domi, Wing Commander of Wing X and now the maximum authority onboard. The good news is that this situation seems to have brought back a significant part of our old activity levels!! :-D

And here we are now, kicking arse again and ready to defend our right to *RULE* over everybody else TC ships-wise. And be ready. Be very ready because you're now contemplating the rising of a New Era for the TIE Corps and The Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet as a whole, and here in Wing X we tend to celebrate these kind of dramatic events with... a drunk fest of sorts, what else?! :-D

11/18/2008 - A Squadron Commander for Thunder! And a Flight Leader! And Azurin again!

Colonel Ric Hunter, former 'Phooner, has been appointed Thunder CMDR today! CPT Crsepe is now Thunder Flight III Leader; his RL issues prevented him from performing as the CMDR Thunder needs nowadays but we're pretty sure that he'll make an excellent FL, while COL Hunter, who was no less than Praetorian elite CMDR back in the day, is what Colonel Domi was looking for to manage Thunder in these difficult days with "Raise the Flag 2008" knocking at the door. And yet another reason to rejoyce! COL Azurin Luna, our beloved Twi'lek lady has returned from a short ToD in Praetorian and rejoined "Nature's Wrath" as Thunder 1-2. Heh... Prae guys, you just don't know what you've just lost! On the other hand, Azurin's soul has always been in Thunder and there's where she'll fight for us in the upcoming epic confrontation.

And just and advise for Thunder crew: we sorta *KNOW* COL Ric was a filthy Prae, but please try to avoid tossing him rotten vegetables because wherever he came from his skills as a pilot and experience as CMDR are more than enough for us to give him our confidance in days ahead to drive Thunder back to its glorious days. Besides, who knows... you could find yourselves floating off some nasty airlock; Praes aren't famous for tolerating pranks. :__|

11/17/2008 - ALIVE!!! We're still ALIVE! Spread it around for all psychiatrists through the Galaxy to rejoice!

After quite a long time with this site paying a visit to Dodo's Land here we are again with the very first update after more than a year! But hey! We haven't been slacking at all. No, not us, by any means. Actually and just for all of you who have been hiding your heads into the groud to know, the almighty ISD Challenge has been performing as The TIE Corps Flagship for yet another year (2007-2008), following our victory back in 2006-2007 edition of "Raise the Flag". Nobody dares to challenge *THE* Challenge and keeps being three-dimensional!! And now that "RtF '2008" is near you can be sure we'll do as necessary for this splendid ship to keep what it BELONGS to it: its deserved Flagship title!

Apart from that, know that Daniel Bonini is not the ISD 'Chal' Commodore anymore. Tsk, tsk, tsk... not enough for our old Dan. The guy was the successor of High Admiral Frodo March as Flight Officer and TIE Corps Commander! And so he performed for over more than a year, before being appointed no less than the Executive Officer of The Emperor's Hammer, spot which he's still holding. Definitely, one of these days he'll want to be back and... just imagine the amount of booze he'll need to carry along for we to accept him again. >:)

Not necessary to mention we had to find another Commodore for this splendid ship, and who better than Angel, former Wing X Commander and now Rear Admiral Angel, ISD 'Chal' COM! And what a COM he is, since he already served as ISD Colossus Commodore some time ago. Drinks were on the COM, ladies and gentlemen! Too bad that was so long ago. Anybody ready to kill the COM so we can have another party? Ejem...

Of course, another Wing Commander was also needed, and it came on the form of Colonel Domi. Ahhh... Colonel Domi has been CMDR of so many Squadrons that you could say he's actually a Fleet Commander in instalments. Not to mention one of the oldest active officers... I mean, longest officers in active ever with more than 10 years on his back.

On the sad side of the coin (?) Tornado and Inferno Squadrons were closed due to an alarming lack of activity and their few remaining active officers moved to other Squadrons within the 'Chal'. Too bad indeed, but the Fleet have passed through more than one restructures in all this time and we're always trying to enforce QUALITY over QUANTITY; better a few but fairly active and performing than a bunch of dudes with the performance of a standing wardrobe on our Rosters! Therefore right now we have Cyclone, Thunder, Thypoon and Omicron as our active Squadrons while Tornado, Inferno and Tempest are in "stand-by" waiting to be opened again as soon as we can find ourselves some more good officers deserving to belong to this great ship. What? You consider yourself worthy enough you say? Well, find that "Join the ISD Challenge" link at your right; you know what you have to do! ;-)

And finally, this deranged dude right now writing bollocks for all of you to waste your time reading 'em, Major Zósite Kónstyte Styles, The Wicked CMDR of Cyclone™, has been bestowed the responsability of managing this site and update it as necessary. And that's what I'm doing right now. But maybe the best thing I'm going to do is to upload again each and every Squadron website we had back in the day. Not a single 'Chal' Squadron without its website!! Then it will be a task for the respective CMDRs to keep 'da house' tidy updating their sites as necessary.

ME managing the whole ISD Challenge site, go figure!! Definitely something's rotten in our 1.6 km.-long flying kingdom! xD

05/10/2007 - Victory

The ISD Challenge has achieved a tremendous victory in the competition agains the Calamari Cruiser Redemption. With 17 participating pilots against 6 of the rivals, Challenge achieved 808 points in the competition, against 147 of the calamari, thus being declared the winner. Congratulations to the Challenge and it's great crew!!

04/16/2007 - ISD Challenge engages MC-80B Redemption

The ISD Challenge has engaged today the Emperor's Hammer Infiltrator Wing ship, the Redemption, in a flying competition that will last until May 6th. More details in the competitions page to your left.

03/10/2007 - Challenge Commodore promoted to VA - Wing X Commander Awarded the BS

The Challenge Commodore, Daniel Bonini, was promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral!!! And following that great honor, Wing X Commander, Colonel Darklord, was awarded the Bronze Star of the Empire for his great services as Wing Commander. Congratulations to both Challenge Flag Officers!!

01/29/2007 - Challenge Flying competition inaugurates section

The ISD Challenge Flying Competition - January/07, which is running until the 31st, has inaugurated the website's competitions section. Check the link on the left for the Competitions Section!

01/22/2007 - Website going through some changes

In the next few days, the Challenge website will be suffering a few modifications, mostly to improve recruitment capabilities. This is one of the results of this ship's ongoing recruitment drive. Help your ship and the Emperor's Hammer get new members!

01/13/2007 - ISD Challenge pilots invited to be part of Omega Elite Squadron

In the last week, two outstanding pilots from the ship were invited to be part of the reopening of the Elite Squadron Omega, that is the personal security of the Fleet Commander. MAJ Diaboli, from Omicron, and CM Impulse, from Thunder, where the ones invited. MAJ Diaboli seems to have accepted the invitation, and will be leaving us soon, while CM Impulse has declined the invitation and will remain in our ranks. We wish the best luck to Major Diaboli!!

12/04/2006 - ISD Challenge is the new TIE Corps Flagship

The Challenge made it!!! After a hard month of fierce competition, we finally can shout "We are the Champions" out to the vacuum of space. Congratulations to the crew of the best ship in the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps!!!

10/31/2006 - ISD Challenge retain the TCBG Flagship Title

After an amazing turn in the last usual.....ISD Challenge had the highest participation rate in the TIE Corps Battlegroups Escort Squadron/Flagship competition, retaining it's title of Flagship of the TCBG for another year. Congrats to the Challenge crew, who, once again, proven to be the best in the Fleet!. Congratulations also to Omicron and Inferno Squadrons, who got second and third places in the Escort Squadron part of the comp!

10/21/2006 - ISD Challenge's website back on the air

Amazing news for all Challenge personnel. The Website which had been dusty for a while and got hacked was finally salvaged, and is back online. It will still take a lot of work, but make sure that it will be fully operation in no time, and you will be proud of it. Until it's final release, RA Daniel Bonini and COL Darklord will spare no efforts, and the site will be completely updated. Until then, enjoy what can already be offered. The first modification for the site was this very own news page, and, of course, the repaired index.htm, which was hacked. Enjoy!!


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