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Wing X Wing Commander's Office
Wing X Wing Commander's Office


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GN Domi's duty uniformGN Domi's dress uniform
General Domi's duty uniform                                      General Domi's dress uniform

GN Domi's medal case
General Domi's medal case

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This is the "online Office" of General Domi, Wing Commander of Wing X and the maximum authority onboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Challenge (supposedly under the Ship Commodore, but that's not an used position anymore), and under direct authority of the TIE Corps Strategic Operations Officer. And, well... the guy is great... emmm... about a hundred years of Emperor's Hammer knowledge on his back and... errr... he commanded way too many Squadrons for someone like me to remember (mainly because I never knew) and...


Ok, General, I could use your help here; they're lies about you, Sir! Don't tell me you don't want to contribute! ;-D



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