Wing X Wing Commander report #9 (06/02/2009)
This report was submitted by WC/GN Domi/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

Greetings pilots of Wing X and assorted guests. Welcome to another instalment of the Wing X almost – sorta – sometimes – weekly report.

I want to begin this report by offering my sincerest congratulations to one of the most active pilots I’ve seen in Wing X in quite some time. When you stop and realize I was here when the original paint was still drying, you realize I have seen a lot of active pilots. Therefore believe me when I say that Dunta Polo, Flight Leader of Flight II in Tempest Squadron, has earned this; I mean it. Dunta Polo, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Commander, and shall immediately be granted all rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with that rank. Congratulations. I raise a glass of 2% in your honour. :P

Secondly, I want to offer my sincerest condolences to the other Wings in the TIE Corps for the severe beating we gave them in the RtF competition. Heck, we even gave them a week or so headstart and still kicked arse! Great job to all of you who participated; most notably CMDR/LC Zosite Konstyte Styles, FL/CM Dunta Polo, and FM/COL Daniel Bonini of Tempest Squadron along with CMDR/MAJ Giovanni Palermo and FM/COL Master of Tornado Squadron. Great work, pilots. Thanks to you five, the rest of us can sit back and enjoy the titles of TC Flagship for the Challenge and the TCCOM’s Escort Squadron to Tempest Squadron. For that, neither of you shall pay for your drinks in the Cantina until the next major competition. Instead your tabs will be picked up by the members of the squadrons who did not participate. Don’t worry though, I will have payroll arrange everything so the credits are removed from the pilots account automatically.

Speaking of major comps, I kinda sorta have one brewing for July sometime if anyone thinks they will be up for such a thing then. It will be another Wing Commander’s Own competition pitting Tempest against Typhoon on one level but also each pilot against the other on another level. At stake, the honour of the Wing X Commander’s Own for the top squadron and Wing Commander’s Escort for the top two pilots; regardless of rank or squadron.

Oh, and this time we have custom missions to fly thanks to the TAC/AD Dempsey. But there will be other fun events too for those who either cannot or will not fly, including fanfiction, IWATs, and graphics creation.

There will be the usual assortment of medals available for those wo take the time to do something.

That does remind though. I want to congratulate the following on their awards for the April evaluation period.

CM Dunta Polo: Bronze Star of the Empire
COL Daniel Bonini/Tempest: Palpatine Crescent
CM John T. Clark/Tempest: Imperial Security Medal

Wing X Activity Report – 05/01 – 05/31

Flight Activity – 05/01 – 05/08
CPT Crsepe/Tornado: XWA:FCHG #4(4); XWA-Free #80

LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: XvT:FCHG #4(5); XvT-Free #125; XvT:TC #52(5).125(5);

Wing X Pilot of the Week – 05/01 – 05/08
LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest with 16 missions flown and a fine job as FL

Flight Activity – 05/09 – 05/16
COL Master/Tornado: XvT:ID #1(5),2(4); XvT:HF #1(4); XvT:CD #1(9),2(4)

LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: XvT:Free #22; XWA:IW #2(5); XvT:TC #7(5),68(6),71(8),72(4); XvT:DB #13(6)

MAJ Giovanni Palermo/Tempest: TIE:TC #70(5),71(6),72(5).73(5).74(5),75(5),76(6),77(6)

Wing X Pilot of the Week – 05/09 – 05/16
MAJ Giovanni Palermo/Tornado with 43 missions flown.

Flight Activity – 05/17 – 05/24
MAJ Giovanni Palermo/Tornado: TIE:TC #78(5).79(5).80(4).81(5),82(4).83(5),84(6),85(6),86(6),87(7),88(6),89(4),90(4),,91(5),92(4),93(5),94(4),95(5),97(5),98(4),99(7),100(6)

COL Master/Tornado: XvT:TC #6(6).7(5).8(5),9(5),10(4),11(5),12(5),13(4),14(6),15(4),16(7),17(4)

COL Daniel Bonini/Tempest: XWA:TC #23(6),26(5),28(4).29(6),30(9),

LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: XvT-Free #20; XvT:TC #12(5),16(5),19(4),21(6),23(5),24(4),46(12),47(13),51(5),80(9),99(9),101(5); XWA:IW #3(5); XWA-Free #32

LC Zosite Konstyte Styles/Tempest: TIE-Free: #277; TIE:TC #100(5),106(4),108(4),112(6),114(5),118(6),119(4),120(6),123(4),133(8),142(5),143(5),146(4),147(5),148(6),150(5),151(5),152(6),154(4),156(5),159(4),160(5),161(4),162(4),163(6),164(4),165(6),170(5),177(4),178(8),179(5),180(5),184(8),185(7),186(5),187(6),188(5),189(6),191(5),192(5),193(5),195(6),197(5),199(4),202(6),203(6),204(4),205(4),206(5),207(4),208(),209(6),210(5),211(6),212(8),213(4),214(6),215(5),216(4),217(6),218(7),219(6); XvT-Free #199;

mIRC/2 – LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest – 100%

Wing X Pilot of the Week – 05/17 – 05/24
LC Zosite Konstyte Styles/Tempest with 302 missions flown
Flight Activity – 05/25 – 05/31
LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: XvT:TC #88(4)
CPT Crsepe/Tornado: XWA-TC #43(6)
MAJ Giovanni Palermo/Tornado: TIELTC #101(4)

Wing X Pilot of the Week – 05/24 – 05/31
CPT Crsepe/Tornado Squadron with six missions flown.

Wing X Pilot of the Month – May ‘09
CM Dunta Polo/Tempest with a very high activity rate including flying missions, emailing, MBs and IWATS.

Challenge Top Gun – May ‘09
LC Zosite Konstyte Styles

Medals Earned
ISM – CM John T Clark/Tempest: Merit award for March 09 activity
PC – COL Nav’ric Trow/Tempest: Merit award for March activity
PC – COL Daniel Bonini/Tempest: Merit award for March activity
IS-BW – LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Tempest Pilot of the Week from 04/13 - 04/19
IS-BW – LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Tempest Pilot of the Month on April '09
IS-BW – LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Tempest Pilot of the Week from 05/03 - 05/10
IS-BW – LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Tempest Pilot of the Week from 05/11 - 05/17
IS-BW – LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Tempest Pilot of the Week from 05/18 - 05/24
IS-BR – LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Tempest Student of the Month"
IS-BW –LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Wing X Pilot of the Week – 04/07 – 04/14
IS-BW –LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Wing X Pilot of the Week – 04/15 – 04/22
IS-BW –LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Wing X Pilot of the Week – 04/23 – 04/30
IS-SW –LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Wing X Pilot of the Month – April ‘09
IS-SW –LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Challenge Top Gun – April ‘09

Respectfully submitted,

WC/GN Domi/Wing X/ISD-II Challenge
TIE Corps Flagship

WC/GN Domi/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
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