Wing X Wing Commander report #2 (02/17/2009)
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Greetings members of Wing X and fellow TC Flags; welcome to the weekly Wing X report.

Wing News
Well I will begin with a bit of a sad note this week. The AWOL check deadline has now come and gone (actually on the 7th) and the following pilots have failed to report in and thus will be declared AWOL: CM Rue Sokky, LT Siriah Tan, and LT Ashkar. I hope they find their way back someday.

In addition, CM Ark-illos, former FL in Cyclone Squadron, has decided to retire from the TIE Corps to pursue other opportunities. It was an honour to serve with you Commander Ark-illos.

Moving on, I would like to offer my congratulations to LCM Dunta Polo on being named Flight Leader of Flight II in Tempest Squadron. Good luck in your new assignment.

Seems this has been a good week for LCM Polo as he is also the winner of an IS-BW as this week’s Wing X Pilot of the Week; having demonstrated a high degree of flight activity combined with good communications over the Wing X mail list.

All of those BSFs also give the new FL a big advantage in the Challenge Top Gun competition. Each month the Wing X pilot with the best flight record, as measured by number of missions flown, will win an IS-SW. So far, LCM Polo has a whole bunch compared to not so much from anyone else.

Please keep in mind there are only a few days left in the Wing-wide comp A Banner Tale. Simply create a banner for the Wing X roster page that best exemplifies the ISD Challenge and win an IS-SR. Second-place wins an IS-BR.

Oh, and Tornado Squadron pilots, you only have two ro three days left in which to propose new squadron and flight names and mottos. I S-BRs up for grabs there. Get your entries into CMDR Palermo.

For more details on these and other comps currently running in the TIE Corps please see the Competitions section below.

And here is what Wing X was doing last week.

Wing Activity – 09/02/09 – 16/02/09

FL/LC Murleen/Tempest – FM

FM/LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest – FL Flight II

Flight Activity – 09/02 – 16/02
LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: BoP:TC #2,3; XWA:TC #2,3; XvT:TC #1,2; TIE:TC #1,2; BoP:Free #1; XvT:Free #1; TIE:Free #2;

Wing X Pilot of the Week 10/02/2008 – 10/09/2008
-FL/LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Demonstrated outstanding flight activity and good communication via the wing mail list.


Medals Earned
IS-BW – LCM Dunta Polo/Tempest: Wing X Pilot of the Week 09/02-16/02

Reports Received – 09/02 – 16/02
Tempest – Received
Tornado – Received

Wing X-Wide
Wing X Pilot of the Week
Starts: 8/2/2009
Ends: 7/2/1010
Details: Each week the pilot who is deemed to have the best participation records, whether it be IWATS, flight activity, MB posting or whatever, will be awarded an IS-BW. The pilot with the best record per month will receive an IS-SW.

Medals: IS-SW for the Pilot of the Month and IS-BWs for each Pilot of the Week (All medals for flying activity).

A Banner Tale
Starts: 08/02//2009
Ends: 22/02/2009
Details: As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Much is the same for banners. I need a Wing banner for the Wing X roster site and I want one that truly reflects the spirit of the Challenge.
Medal: IS-SR

Challenge Top Gun
Ends: 03/31/2010
Details: This one is for the true gunslingers out there. Each month the pilot with the best flight record will receive an IS-SW.
Wing X Squadron Comps
Tornado Squadron
Let’s Change our Names!
Starts: 06/02/2009
Ends: 13/02/2009
Details: Tornado has no nickname, motto, nor does any of its flights have such. This needs to change! I'm commissioning my subordinates to fix this. I want someone in my beloved squadron to come up with a set of nicknames and mottos for each flight, and to come up with the same for Tornado Squadron itself.
Medal: IS-BR.

TIE Corps Wide
SP/MP Ace of the TIE Corps - September 08
Starts: 01/02/2009
Ends: 28/02/009
Details: The rules are familiar: whoever flies the most missions wins.
Medals: IS-GW – IS-BW

Dempsey's Music Video Mania
Starts: 01/02/2009
Ends: 08/03/2009
Details: After successful previous editions, we now start off with Dempsey's Music Video Mania - 5 weeks of 15 music videos each. Weekly winners and overall winners! And even if you don't win, there are still medals available if you get enough of them right! See details here:
Medal: multiple IS-GR -> IS-BR

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Undernet Channel: #ISD_Challenge
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