Wing X Wing Commander report #1 (02/06/2009)
This report was submitted by WC/COL Domi/Wing X/ISDII Challenge


Greetings members of Wing X and fellow TC Flags; welcome to the weekly Wing X report Ė the first such Wing X report to enter the spiffy new TC database. .

Wing News
First, my sincerest apologies for the lack of a report this last while but itís not like you havenít been hearing from me on a fairly regular basis anyway.

Well it has been a hectic couple of weeks though hasnít it? I want to thank all of you for being so co-operative and enthusiastic about the TC restructure and what it meant to the ISD Challenge. The merger of the four squadrons into two went flawlessly and both seem primed and ready for action.

My first order of business is to offer my sincere congratulations to our newly promoted CM Vitaru, Flight Leader of Flight III ub Tempest Squadron. Well done Vitaru and thanks for all of your efforts. Wear your rank with pride for you have earned every bit of it.

I want to welcome CPT alphafoxtrot to the ISD Challenge. The CPT joins flight III of Tempest Squadron after a stint in Omega Squadron. I hope you enjoy your time with us CPT but do watch out for that maniacal CMDR of yours. It would be best if you just stayed active and avoided much contact with him, I think. :P

And, I want to welcome back a familiar face and old friend of the Chal Ė none other than former Mr. Everything here from FM to COM (and now back to FM again) COL Daniel Bonini. The COL joins Flight I of Tempest, knowing full well the dangers of being that close to the Tempest CMDR. Youíre a brave man, COL. Or a fool. :P (but we voted for brave in the cantina last night)

And, not be outdone, SL Cesar Steiner joined the ranks of Tornado Squadron and quickly earned himself a promotion to LT. Congrats, LT Steiner.

Unfortunately I have to balance such great news with some bad. CM Ark-illos, former FL of Flight II in Cyclone, has decided to retire from the TIE Corps to pursue opportunities elsewhere. I hope you find what you seek Commander. You will be missed.

Two other pilots who have not reported for duty are LT Ashkar and LT Siriah Tan. If these two pilots do not report in by this Saturday, February 7th they will be declared AWOL. Both of these pilots have been temporarily assigned to Tempest Squadron but have not been placed on the roster pending their replies to the aforementioned AWOL check.

On a much more pleasant note, the TC-site is getting more and more functional everyday. My thanks to all those responsible, mainly TAC/FA Dempsey of course for all of her hard work and dedication, but also to all of you for taking the time to report bugs and such and to provide any and all data requested. I think the site and supporting database are awesome and every bit the equal of what we had; and maybe a touch better in some regards.

I hope the SOO and TCCOM will forgive me for this but I have made a mid-to-low-executive decision and elected not to demand MSE reports for January. Due to reformation of the Challenge in the wake of the restructure, I have advised CMDRs Zosite and Palermo to include any January activity on their February MSE reports. These reports are to be in my inbpx by March 3rd or there had better be a good reason for it not being there.

There are a few comps running at the momentTornado Squadron has a motto and nickname competition running and the TAC has something called Music Video Mania that you should definitely check out. Of course the return of the database sees the return of some old favourites in the Ace of the TIE Corps competitions; one SP and one MP.

In terms of Wing X competitions, every time I look at the Wing X Roster Site I feel that it lacks a certain Wing X feel. Therefore I am preparing the paperwork for the creation of a new banner for the Wing X page. Details forthcoming. You will also see the return of the Wing X Pilot of the Week and the Wing X Pilot of the Month competitions as well as some version of the Top Gun competition. There are others in the works also.

And last but not least, thank-you to both CMDRs on submitting their weekly reports in such fine fashion. Very well done.

Respectfully submitted,

WC/COL Domi/Wing X/ISD-II Challenge